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About River Pixels


River Pixels creates beautifully crafted, functional WordPress sites. We tailor each one to our clients needs, no two sites are the same.


We use the latest Web Techniques and Technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3 in all of our websites. This helps to ensure better device compatibility and allows the site to keep up with an ever changing landscape.


Our websites run well in all shapes and sizes of device. The website will dynamically adjust to the size of device being used. Just another advantage of going with River Pixels.


All of our sites are fully optimised for search engines and will display prominently on search listings. This way you can be happy in the knowledge that customers will be able to find your site.


Our websites are tested in all the major browsers, both mobile and pc based. To ensure high levels of compatibility and allowing as many devices to use the site as possible.


We provide on hand support, if you have any issues with your site, I will be your point of contact to resolve the issue. I aim to get back to you within 24 hours of contacting.

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Get in touch and I will be happy to talk through your requirements and options available to you.

Why River Pixels?

We Listen

We really listen to our client’s, to fully understand your requirements and what you would like from the site. Ensuring the end product is one you are both happy with and will benefit from.


We can work around your timescales and your requirements. If your requirements change, we can adapt to update the brief and include these updates to the website.

Individual Contact

When you get in touch a human will get back to you and the same person will stay with you all the way through all stages of the design, no need to explain the same thing to multiple different people.

Supporting Services

We provide other services such as web hosting, Search Engine Optimisation and website maintenance.


This is provided as standard at the end of each project, ensuring you understand how your website works and how to update the required sections. Documentation is also provided to help you through.


Here are some of our most recent projects:

“Another very happy customer, great man and very professionally done site.
Highly recommended every step of the way David Ross

About WordPress

Why WordPress?

Easy to update, you have the ability to update aspects of the site yourself, rather than having to come back to River Pixels every time you need a change made or a product added you are more than welcome to though if you would prefer.

Low Cost

Compared to building a site from scratch. With WordPress we start with a template, that can be customised, speeding up the whole process and have the site launched sooner.


Search engines love WordPress, helping you get to the top of Google’s search results. Meaning your customers can find you and potential ones are more likely to use your services.

Easily Expandable

There is a large library of plugins which can be added to your site, giving you the functionality you require without having to have it coded from scratch.

Wordpress Designer

Get in contact today to chat through your requirements, both functional and design.
Once I have a clear understanding of your requirements I can provide a quote and suggested timescales.

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